05 Feb 2013

Has the new Hout Bay soccer field reached its capacity?

Has the new Hout Bay soccer field reached its capacity?

The new Hout Bay soccer field has been a great success. It has given the Mandela Park residents a facility that on some levels can be compared with international standards, i.e playing surface and quality of the field make-up.

As a result the field has reached its capacity in terms of amount of teams playing there on the weekend. (It has be calculated that 20 teams compete there every weekend)

There¬† are rumours that people would like a second field built…

With this in mind does anyone know how well used the Hangberg soccer field is? Would it be possible for some Mandela Park teams to play there?

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16 Jun 2010

Dozens of homes ruined in Mandela Park blaze

Remember this fire a few years ago..

Firefighters on Tuesday night battled a blaze which destroyed at least 100 homes in Imizamo Yethu in cold and rainy conditions.

Nearly two hours after the fire broke out, scores of firefighters were able to surround and contain the flames which had spread quickly through the Hout Bay informal settlement popularly known as Mandela Park.

Courtesy of By Michelle Jones from the Cape Times

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25 May 2010

What is missing in these 4 photos?

What is missing in these 4 photos?

If you look not so carefully, you will see there are no guys standing on the roadside looking for work. The police were out to make sure that the new initiative was enforced.

The new “pick-up” spot for casual workers is next to the cemetery/taxi rank at the bottom of IY.

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22 Apr 2010

Is Hout Bay overcrowded?

The following clip reports on a fire in Mandela Park last year.

The question arises whether there is overcrowding in Hout Bay and how can we stop the influx of people into an area that is already at capacity?

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19 Apr 2010

Welcome to the new look 790Tv

Rich & Poor

What better way to launch the “New Look” 790Tv with an image showing just how close the “haves” and “have nots” live in Hout Bay.

It can be said that Hout Bay is a true representation of current South Africa. We have every socio-economic class present in our country, living within a 2 kilometre radius of each other. We are experiencing the future of what this country holds, right here, right now!

Are we getting it right?…who knows.

790Tv will  in the future attempt to create discussion and comment around issues and continue to promote Hout Bay as a unique place to come and visit and live. We need your input and help!

If there is anything on your mind, a photo you would like to upload or an advert you would like displayed, then please feel free to email news@790tv.co.za .

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