26 Mar 2013

Neighbourhood “King of Karbonkelberg” Hout Bay, a mountain bike poem #promotingHoutBay

Neighbourhood is an art movie series about mountain biking in “off the beaten track” places near to where we all live. King of Karbonkelberg is a ride up to the derelict radar station, filled with mystery, intrigue and gorgeous views.

This is why we ride!

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06 Nov 2012

“The Lost Place” high above Hout Bay

Hiking tour to the WWII Radar Station in Hout Bay, high up on Karbonkelberg. Visit us Kapstadtforum.com. Video by

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31 Oct 2011

Karbonkelberg way up high above Hout Bay

Karbonkelberg way up high above Hout Bay

There is a brilliant mountain bike ride up Karbonkelberg above Hout Bay. The downhill is well worth the uphill slog!

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01 Feb 2011

Ever wondered what the other side of Karbonkelberg looked like?

Check this “fairly rough” video of a boat¬† ride from the Bos 400, shot by Tony Lindeque.

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13 Jan 2011

Fire on Karbonkelberg

Yet another fire in Hout Bay; this time on Karbonkelberg above the Hangberg community. Speaking to a local heights resident, 790Tv wa told the fire started at 18h30 and had spread way up the mountain in one hour.  Prior to this footage being filmed, helicopters were arriving to fight the flames.

The scene was very different to a few months back, when police moved in to remove illegal structures on the firebreak. Firefighters were welcomed, and firebreak residents were fortunate that the fire did not start lower down the slope or if the wind was blowing in a different direction.

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