20 Sep 2012

@helenzille, Hout Bay needs help with their kids and their suicidal tendencies!

Video by improperproductions.

Matt Pallet and Jacob Mellish acid drop of a harbour wall onto waves, they also tow in with a car. Broken boards and wrecked knees followed. This footage is old though, probably about 2 years old. for more videos go to www.improperproductions.com

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14 Aug 2012

This is why the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior will not moor in Hout Bay Harbour

This is why the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior will not moor in Hout Bay Harbour

The Rainbow Warrior is currently docked in Cape Town Harbour. Forget about being bombed again, it probably won’t visit Hout Bay harbour, in fear of being scuttled by metal thieves!

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30 Apr 2012

This is how you dock a fishing boat in Hout Bay

A beautiful clip of a fishing boat docking at Hout Bay harbour, filmed by Paul Jacobson.

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23 Feb 2012

Hout Bay Harbour in trouble!

Hout Bay Harbour in trouble!

Taken from feikemanagement.blogspot.com:

The fisheries department’s 3rd quarter report bizarrely states that it intends to increase the number of proclaimed fishing harbours from 12 to 19. The names of the possible additional 7 harbours are not mentioned.
Why they would want to increase the number of proclaimed fishing harbours is not explained. The only logical reason is that they could at least be seen to be doing something. But other than that there is no logic to this.
Our fishing harbours are in a disastrous state. DAFF continues to fail to invoice users of the harbours; security is non-existent and harbours like Hout Bay pose a serious threat to safety and security. Hout Bay is now a very convenient thoroughfare for abalone and lobster poaching with rubber ducks landing their illegal catches in broad daylight near the repair jetty. They then leisurely load their illegal take onto vans which are parked not more than a 150 metres from the fishery control offices and off they drive right past a completely inebriated DAFF employee who is supposed to function as some sort of access control officer to the Harbour!
In 2007, DAFF’s forerunner, the department of Environmental Affairs’ Marine and Coastal Management Branch, commissioned a report on the state of the harbours and remedial measures. The report cost multiple of millions and was kept secret. Feike has however secured access to the report (and will provide access to whoever wants it). It is clear that the report was never read (or understood) as none of its recommendations have been implemented.
A week ago, Feike took these pictures showing about 8 sunken vessels in the Hout Bay Repair Jetty area. These wrecks have been here for years with some wrecks actually resting on top of others below. As a result, less than 20% of the quay space is available in the Jetty Area and not a single boat (whether sunken or not) pays any fees to DAFF.
The only functional and relatively safe berthing areas in the entire harbour are those managed and controlled by private interests, including the Hout Bay Yacht Club.
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23 Aug 2011

Internationally acclaimed artist Paul Du Toit and local school children add a splash of colour to Hout Bay

Internationally acclaimed artist Paul Du Toit and  local school children add a splash of colour to Hout Bay

Bay Harbour Market owner Anthony Stroebel and internationally acclaimed artist and Hout Bay local resident South African artist Paul Du Toit embarked on a project, with  a shared vision of transforming the old fishing factory into a thriving market showcasing the best of South African culture, authentic crafts and  Cape cuisine.

Paul along with local school children from the surrounding areas, injected colour and life into the Hout Bay Harbour – a beautiful example of transformation where prominent members of the community are actively leading future generations to take part, creating a sense of ownership and pride in the area. This final phase of exterior colour wall murals painted sets to make the Bay Harbour Market stand out as a badge of upliftment, and social development.

Having highly acclaimed exhibitions across Europe, Hong Kong, Sydney, Miami and New York, Paul has also offered his time to charitable organisations such as the Children’s Hospital Trust, Peninsula school feeding program, the Homestead project for the street children of Cape Town and Nelson Mandela’s 46664 Campaign.

Situated on the water’s edge, overlooking the famous Chapman’s Peak – Bay Harbour has quickly become a vibrant waterside destination that is unique in flavour as the village itself.  Inside, the building is alive with colour and active trade from local handcrafted leather, fine linen, fresh delicacies, seasonal flowers, music and much more add to the spirit of a unique market place that captures the essence of the diverse Hout Bay community .

This inspirational project surrounds the Bay Harbour market with colourful a message of unity and community support.

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