28 Jan 2013

Bicycles power street lights in Hout Bay

Bicycles power street lights in Hout Bay

This could become reality in the near future. We could pay people to pedal unlike roping convicts in from the article below.

Taken from Euornews.com:

A group of inmates in a Brazilian high-security jail, clad in red prison uniforms, pedal furiously on stationary exercise bikes.

Guards watch over them as they eat up the virtual kilometres.

The prisoners are not just cycling to keep fit: they are doing the local community a good turn, and by doing so get to reduce their sentences.

How? As they pedal, the inmates generate electricity which helps light the town at night.

Ronaldo da Silva is serving a five-and-a-half year term for holding up a bakery.

“Here, by cycling, we feel more important and more useful,” he says. “You feel better day-to-day.”

The scheme was the idea of a local judge. Businesses and police helped make it work.

“With our project, the idea is that they can now exercise, lose weight and at the same time it also benefits them because after every three days of work, their sentence shortens by one day,” said Prison Director Gilson Rafael Silva.

Each night the charged battery is used to light up the riverside promenade at Santa Rita do Sapucai in the mountains north of Sao Paulo. Long abandoned after dark, the area has been brought back to life.

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18 Dec 2012

Is this the end of the world? Reports of marine life beaching themselves near Hout Bay

Reports have come in about three massive Sun Fish beaching themselves on Hout Bay beach. This video is of a whale swimming very close to shore near Oudekraa, this morningl. While this is an amazing sight, this whale should not be this close to shore and it is not the season to be sighting them this close.

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27 Nov 2012

Torture is rife in Hout Bay!


Watch this music video at your own risk. While the location and images are beautiful, the music is likely to cause you some pain.

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18 Sep 2012

Fly by over Hout Bay, spot the pitbull on the beach!

A real cool flying sequence of Hout Bay. Video by @RandomCycling

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17 Sep 2012

The Cape Doctors are playing live in Hout Bay, support local bands! #promotingHoutBay

Join the Cape Doctors when they play live between 6pm-8:30pm, at the Bay Harbour Market in Hout Bay on Friday 28th of September 2012.

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