23 Aug 2011

Have there been any shark sightings @ Dungeons, Hout Bay?

Have there been any shark sightings @ Dungeons, Hout Bay?

In the wake of today’s fatal shark attack in Plettenberg Bay, 790Tv has asked the question about sharks near Dungeons.

With so much surfing having taken place there over the last few days and its close proximity to Seal Island, has there been any record of shark sightings at the break? Here is the answer:

Taken from surfervillage.com:

May 23  June 2001

Huge shark harasses Big Wave Africa surfer

Durban’s Jason Ribbink today made a hasty exit from the surf at Dungeons, venue for the Red Bull Big Wave Africa extreme surfing event, when a six metre (20 foot) Great White shark appeared while he was out practicing for the event.

“It was the biggest thing I’ve ever seen in the water, said Ribbink, a renowned and widely traveled big wave rider who placed third in BWA 2000.

“My heart was beating like this, he added, pounding his chest repeatedly, “And the adrenalin was really flowing. It came back four or five times before we could climb into the boat and get out of there. Its dorsal fin was so big it seemed like it was bending from the weight!

Ribbink and fellow Durbanite Gigs Celliers, the four time world kneeboard champion who is one of the water safety crew on the event, decided to go out and improve their knowledge of the inaccessible surf break under the cliffs of the Sentinel mountain at Hout Bay in Cape Town after the event was put on hold due to the waves not meeting the minimum size required to stage the contest.

After about an hour in the line-up each had ridden a clutch of three to three and a half metre (10-12 foot) waves each before sighting the huge shark. Great Whites are known to frequent the area to feed on the seals from the nearby colony at Duiker Island, which is adjacent to the surf break that produces the biggest rideable waves on the African continent.

With R100 000 in prize-money and the prestige of being crowned the BWA 2001 champion at stake, the 16 invitees are selected for their ability in the biggest waves the ocean can produce. The event has a holding period of 18 days, until June 10, to wait for the optimum conditions. While May and June are deemed to be the prime time for big surf at Dungeons, there is no guarantee that the event will run in any given year.

The criteria for Big Wave Africa sets the minimum wave size at five metres (15 foot) before the contest will be started and the format comprises two heats of eight surfers each with the top four in each heat advancing to the final.

“Of course I’ll be in there, said Ribbink when asked whether he still intended to compete in the event. “With eight guys in the water you’ve only got a 12,5% chance that the shark will be interested in you, he reasoned, with a nervous grin.

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23 Aug 2011

Hout Bay big wave surfer, Jeremy Johnson, charging Dungeons

Hout Bay big wave surfer, Jeremy Johnson, charging Dungeons

Hout Bay big wave surfer, Jeremy Johnson, paddles into a bomb during the Rebel Sessions @ Dungeons, Hout Bay. Photo by Nic Bothma/Rebel Sessions.

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21 Aug 2011

Dungeons, Hout Bay’s big wave surf spot is reported to be going off!

This is a video by StokedSA of the surf break…

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13 Jul 2011

When will Dungeons awaken?

100 days, 10 Rebel Sessions  = 110 K,  RebelTv backing big wave surfing…

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05 Jul 2011

Good news for Big Wave surfers in Hout Bay

Good news for Big Wave surfers in Hout Bay

Taken from surfline.com:

Cape Town big wave surfers stand a chance to win a share of R110 000 (about $16000.00) in the just announced: Rebel Sessions 2011.Rebel Media have announced the prize money to be awarded for the best waves surfed and recorded at the legendary Dungeons reef at Houtbay, or the lesser-known offshore reefs at nearby Kommetjie.

From July 15th to 22nd October, the committed few who ride giant waves off the Cape of Storms every winter will be filmed and photographed by the Rebel Media crew on the ten best days of surf of 15 feet or over.

A panel of three local and three international surfing legends will judge the footage at the end of the period.

R50 000 will go to the surfer of the best big wave paddled into, R30 000 for the best tow-in wave, R20 000 for the biggest wave paddled into and R10 000 for the biggest wipeout in either category.

Rebel Media will provide specialist big wave camera crews by local production company Fixerfilm on the ten biggest and best days of surfing in the period. Cameras will film the action from the land, from a boat and from a specialized jet ski to get the best possible footage, which will be posted on rebelsessions.com. Ultimately, the footage will be edited into an international documentary.

Announcing the award, Christian Herles, Head of Rebel Media said, “this is an event that seeks to reward the guys who are out there pushing the limits of big wave surfing, usually when there’s no prize or cameras filming. It’s an event from locals for locals giving them time to pick their days and avoid contest pressure”.

The long waiting period and Rebel Media providing the camera crews gives the local chargers whose sessions normally go undocumented, a chance to stand out. But all waves surfed at either of the breaks recorded and submitted will be considered for the prize money regardless of who films or rides them.

All the information can be accessed via rebelsessions.com

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