17 May 2010

Great weather for snakes

Great weather for snakes

Yesterday was a magnificent day in Hout Bay, after a week of rain. People were out enjoying the the good weather and a resident of Hout Bay emailed a report to news@790tv.co.za, about a Cape Cobra they has seen at the Sandy Bay parking area. It was also mentioned that the parking guard, was seen to be feeding the snake and “taming” it…

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03 May 2010

Fake cops robs post office in Hout Bay

Fake cops robs post office in Hout Bay

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By Khanyisa Tabata

Four suspects posing as police officers robbed the Hout Bay Police Office this morning.

Warrant Officer Tanya Lesch says the suspects approached an employee at the post office by knocking at the glass door.

“One of the suspects showed a police id card saying they want to talk an ex employee who worked at the post office.

“All of the suspects were armed with guns, they left the robbery scene in a white Toyota Tazz,” said Lesch.

Lesch added that the armed suspects tied up the post office employee and got away with an undisclosed amount of money.

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22 Apr 2010

Is Hout Bay overcrowded?

The following clip reports on a fire in Mandela Park last year.

The question arises whether there is overcrowding in Hout Bay and how can we stop the influx of people into an area that is already at capacity?

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19 Apr 2010

Welcome to the new look 790Tv

Rich & Poor

What better way to launch the “New Look” 790Tv with an image showing just how close the “haves” and “have nots” live in Hout Bay.

It can be said that Hout Bay is a true representation of current South Africa. We have every socio-economic class present in our country, living within a 2 kilometre radius of each other. We are experiencing the future of what this country holds, right here, right now!

Are we getting it right?…who knows.

790Tv will  in the future attempt to create discussion and comment around issues and continue to promote Hout Bay as a unique place to come and visit and live. We need your input and help!

If there is anything on your mind, a photo you would like to upload or an advert you would like displayed, then please feel free to email news@790tv.co.za .

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