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14 Feb 2012

Hopefully no dead bodies in Hout Bay!

An update on Bronwen Lankers-Byrne hunger strike, to stop the building of the new Chapmans Peak Toll…video produced by VisualBusiness.

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10 Feb 2012

Bronwen Lankers-Byrne doing something for Chappies and Hout Bay

Bronwen Lankers-Byrne doing something for Chappies and Hout Bay

Whether you are for or against the toll being built on Chapmans Peak Drive, Hout Bay needs people like Bronwen Lankers-Byrne, who stand by their opinion and are passionate about their community!

taken from Nicholson

HUNGER striker, Hout Bay activist Bronwen Lankers-Byrne has not taken food for five days because of her opposition to the controversial new Chapman’s Peak toll plaza and office block.

Lankers-Byrne started her hunger strike at 7am on Sunday on Chapman’s Peak, opposite the construction site.

The former Buddhist nun, 59, fasted for 19 days about two decades ago.

She said initially she was worried that she might not be as strong as she was before, but said yesterday that she felt as good as she did 20 years ago.

Lankers-Byrne has been sitting opposite the construction site every day from 7am to 7pm and said she would only stop if construction was halted and opposition civil society groups were able to hold transparent talks with the provincial government and Entilini.

Lankers-Byrne told the Cape Times yesterday: “I got sick on Sunday and Monday, but by Tuesday I was fine.

“After three days my pounding headache and the nausea disappeared.

“I feel weaker but a lot clearer in my head and very strong spiritually.”

Lankers-Byrne has only been drinking between six and 10 litres of water a day, and said she only felt hungry when she walked past restaurants on her way to the Chapman’s Peak construction site in the morning.

She said she had received support from passers-by.

“Everyone who stops is so interested and I engage with them,” Lankers-Byrne said.

“They sign the petition opposing the construction and we even received a R2 000 donation for court action.”

More than 160 people have signed the petition against the site, while the Civil Rights Action Group has collected about 4 000 signatures.

Lankers-Byrne said earlier this week that it seemed that some people had vandalised the foundation, which builders had started last week. She said that the construction company had, however, continued building this week despite the widespread opposition to the project.

Civil society groups maintain that the building being constructed is not the same building seen on the plans they commented on during the public participation process.

Two weeks ago Transport and Public Works MEC Robin Carlisle gave the go-ahead for construction to begin on the toll plaza and office block development, worth R54 million.

However, the Hout Bay Residents Association is still expected to file for an urgent interdict to stop construction of the disputed development.


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09 Feb 2012

Car guard robs Llandudno house, near Hout Bay, and gets caught “red-handed”

Car guard robs Llandudno house, near Hout Bay,  and gets caught “red-handed”

A house in Llandudno was recently robbed by a car guard who had been “patrolling” the busy car-park down at the beach:

Over time the robber had been watching the house and had noted when the owners were out, and in turn began sawing through a burglar bar. On the day of the crime the guilty party then waited for the family to leave, upon which he enter the house and stole a range of electronic equipment, including an iPad2.

When the owners of the house realised they had been robbed, they proceeded to “ping” the iPad2 and its location was found  at a fish factory in the Hout Bay harbour. They contacted the police who then checked up on the case and the iPad2 was found in the top draw of a desk in an office of the factory. The office worker told the police he had received it from a man who wanted music loaded onto the device and that the device was for sale.

The police set up a “sting” operation and the perpetrator arrived with a backpack full of all the stolen equipment and then some…

“Please don’t support the car guards down at Llandudno Beach!”


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01 Feb 2012

Hout & About for February 2012 for Hout Bay

Hout & About for February 2012 for Hout Bay

Click Hout & About for February 2012 for the monthly newsletter from the Residents Association of Hout Bay.

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30 Jan 2012

Seal and dog fight it out in Hout Bay

This is a video by . A seal and dog are filmed “having a go at each other”. You can see how the seal has become accustomed to fighting the dog back, due possibly to its interaction with certain instigators and their “best friends”.

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