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04 Sep 2012

Timelapse Tuesday Llandudno near Hout Bay #promotingHoutBay

Timelapse Tuesday is a weekly video clip showing the many different moods that Hout Bay has to offer. Email for any place you think deserve to be seen.

This week we are overlooking Llandudno near Hout Bay.

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03 Sep 2012

The saga of the raiders of Hout Bay continues! How can we catch them?

Video by @

Midnight, home invasion in Mt Rhodes. Occupants tied up. Weapon..screwdriver?. No incidents elsewhere reported so these two at 01h30 are the likeliest suspects returning via a roundabout route over High Meadows.

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31 Aug 2012

The Hout Bay youth of today are going down fast!

Video by @9chomper…

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31 Aug 2012

Mug shots from Hout Bay

Video created by @Wand33…

We went to the Clay Cafe in Hout Bay to paint some pottery! Marco was a great sport as he became the running gag that his one mug took 4 hours to paint in 3 colours 😛

Visit the Clay Cafe – you’ll love it!!

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30 Aug 2012

Ever get the feeling you are being watched by big brother in Hout Bay?

The answer is you are if you are a thief…

Video from @

19h38 Raiders sit on pipe track for five minutes on a wet and very cold evening. One appears to show his accomplice the lie of the land and briefing him before the nights raid. Notice how they scope out a place to cross the fence. They leave and then….
21h25 Raiders return and cross the fence back to the track.
03h32 Raiders return and run back toward IY.

Midnight attempted break-in Woodcutters. 03h20 Robbery Vineyard. These two may be the culprits. Events fit the video time line.

Video is jumpy due to bandwidth limits at my end.

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