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01 May 2010

Hout Bay Police can’t swim!

Hout Bay Police can’t swim!

Report from

A Llandudno resident says he is at his wits end after several fruitless calls to authorities alerting them to poachers.

Several times over the past few years Peter Flack has photographed suspected perlemoen poachers, their loot and rubberducks and alerted Marine and Coastal Management (MCM) inspectors and police, “but I have yet to see a poacher arrested”. MCM spokeswoman Carol Moses did not answer her phone last night. Police spokeswoman Tanya Lesch said: “It’s at sea. How must police get there?”

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30 Apr 2010

Sell your soul on Sunday

Sell your soul on Sunday

Hout Bay has a market every Sunday on the village green at the Princess avenue traffic circle. There are plenty of stalls selling a variety of items. Come see for yourself!

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29 Apr 2010

No Nukes in Hout Bay!

No Nukes in Hout Bay!
On Monday 26 April, Chernobyl day was commemorated at the Princess Circle, with a protest by 30 activists inspired by the Hout Bay High Enviroclub. About 100 flyers were handed out and the Mayoral Committee Member for Environment Marian Nieuwoudt’s representative was handed a memo by Yolanda Baliso┬áin grade 10 at Hout Bay High.

How are we going to solve our energy crisis?

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28 Apr 2010

Free drug-addiction treatment from Harmony, Hout Bay.

Free drug-addiction treatment from Harmony, Hout Bay.

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By Warda Sylvester

A world-class drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre is opening its doors to poor addicts in the Western Cape.Akron House, a division of the well-known Harmony Addictions Clinic in Hout Bay, is offering FREE treatment to addicts who cannot afford it. But to gain access to this private facility, addicts must show a certain level of commitment – by first completing a detox programme at a State health institution.

This is very good news to people in a province devastated by drugs – where 300 000 people are reportedly addicted to tik in Cape Town alone. Premier Helen Zille has called for a collective fight against drugs.She has stated that addiction is the biggest social crisis that Cape Town faces.

At least 80 percent of crime in this city is somehow linked to drug and substance abuse.

Steven Thomson, director of the Harmony Group, has had lots of success with sponsoring poor tik addicts at the Harmony Addictions Clinic in Hout Bay and the spill-over can now be treated at the refurbished Akron House, situated in Noordhoek.

Last year, 115 sponsored addicts were treated at the Hout Bay facility. Steven says Akron House is a labour of love. “Akron was founded about five years ago,” he says.

“It was set up as a dream and a commitment – to give care to the previously disadvantaged people who cannot afford the astronomical fees of private rehab centres.”
But because of the lengthy registration and licensing process, Akron House could not operate as it was supposed to.

By the time Steven became involved, the facility had no patients, was heavily in debt and was on the verge of closing down.

The Harmony Foundation, a non-profit organisation, bought over Akron House.

“I wanted to continue the dream so people in poor communities can get treatment,” Steven says.

“We get no funding from government or corporate companies.

“The profit we generate at Harmony allows us to sponsor clients at Akron.

“So Akron depends on Harmony for its survival.

“We sponsor a lot of patients at Harmony.

“We are on 80 already this year and we get very good results.

“We would love for government and corporates to become involved.

“The more funds we get, the more beds we can sponsor.”

Recently, Akron house was extended with eight beds in a new wing, which was sponsored by the Freemasons.

Steven says the clients sponsored at Akron are typical tik addicts with a family history of drug and alcohol abuse, who are unemployed and poorly educated.

“A lot of treatment facilities have written work and lectures in their treatment,” he says.
“This makes it difficult for people who have different educational abilities.

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27 Apr 2010

Canons fire on ship in Hout Bay

Canons fire on ship in Hout Bay

Entry from the Hout Bay Yacht Club

Stad Amsterdam is a spectacular 250′ clipper – following the voyage of Darwin’s Beagle on a circumnavigation. See the website.

We were very fortunate to have this magnificent vessel spend Sunday morning in our bay over the past weekend. The Dutch contingent were much in evidence in smart orange blazers, and many out on boats. The heritage foundation fired a number of salutes from the historical cannons at East Fort, with a response from the Stad Amsterdam

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