Disa River drowning, vicitms name released

Extract from www.thestar.co.za:

Deon Davids, 25, drowned at the Disa River Mouth on Hout Bay beach on Monday afternoon. Family members and friends gathered to pray. Trauma counsellors and pastors offered support.

Just a few metres from them, Davids’s plastic-wrapped body lay on the shore.

Community members gathered and said they had decided to come to the river after hearing what had happened.

Davids’ mother Heidi Samuels, brushing tears from her eyes, expressed shock but did not want to be interviewed.

A woman, who onlookers said was Davids’ girlfriend, collapsed and cried. She wordlessly shook her head and declined to speak to the Cape Times before getting into a car.

Owen Lover, a friend of Davids, said: “I couldn’t believe it when they phoned me now.”

He said they had planned to travel to Port Elizabeth in the next week to visit family.

Lover and Davids had been friends for about five years and had often gone fishing together.

Hout Bay police spokeswoman Tanya Lesch said Davids had been swimming with friends from the sea toward the river about 3pm. Davids had swam in front of the others and they had seen him raise his arms. They had thought he was fooling around but suddenly he disappeared.

After swimming towards him and searching the area without finding him, they phoned for help.

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