Lawlessness needs Law Enforcement!

Following on from the previous entry, on Friday 29 October, vandals moved along two streets in Beach estate and systematically damaged a number of cars. My car was one of them,  which was a nasty surprise, having had all my wheels stolen off my car 2 weeks ago.

Both incidents required the criminals to spend an extended amount of time, carrying out the separate crimes. I am now questioning the efficacy of both the local law enforcement and the private security firm I employ to “keep us safe”. Adding salt to the wound, the police officer who took my statement, questioned whether I had any enemies who would do this, before any investigation had been done or had checked that other cars in my road had been affected as well. While being totally innocent, I was made to feel that I was part of the reason why my car had been damaged.

The police must be held accountable for the lack of service in fighting crime in Hout Bay, they need to step up their game and fight crime with an iron fist!

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