23 Sep 2010

“2 Days Later”

“2 Days Later”

It has been two days since the Hangberg Riots. While 790Tv is still receiving footage from the day, we went up to the community today and all was quiet. People were cleaning the streets of debris, painting walls and basically going about their daily lives.  In some ways it is strange how volatile it was and how normal it is now. I suppose the damage has been done and the plight highlighted by the massive exposure Hangberg received in the press and media.

The photo above was taken of the exclusive apartments, that are built on the street corner were all the rioting began. In some way the entire Hout Bay community is affected by the housing shortage and the ongoing search for a solution to the lack of adequate housing against a backdrop of a valley that is overcrowded by all the socio-ecenomic groups.

Anyway enough said! Just to finish off by saying 790Tv is always on the lookout for news stories from the community of Hout Bay. Video, text or photos we accept them all; follow us on twitter @790tv or email news@790tv.co.za and we have just past our 100th post.

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