“Is that computer stolen or not?” in Hout Bay

While driving home I came across a man who was carrying not one but two computers under his arms. Although it was broad daylight, and he was walking very proudly with them down the road, I had to ask him where he had got them from. He then told me that they had been given to him by a person a few houses up the street. Which I was then able to verify that they were indeed given to this man.

I felt bad for jumping to conclusion and stereotyping this individual as a thief. This incident got me thinking of solutions  to not make the same mistake in the future.

When people give an item of value to others (who will then be walking down a street with it), they should write them a letter with contact details of the person who gave it. This simple measure could save a lot of embarrassment and stop false accusation.

What do you guys think?

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