People want their KFC in Hout Bay and PRONTO!

This is an email from an unhappy Hout Bay KFC customer. 790Tv would love to hear from KFC Hout Bay or from any other customers who are not happy. Email for comments.


On Sunday afternoon my boyfriend and I decided we want to go get some KFC for lunch. We go there often. Numerous times in the past we have had bad service. But I decided let’s just give them one last chance. We pulled up to the speaker box and told the person working behind the speaker our order. After placing our order, we move to the place where you pay. Pulling up at the window, the worker informs us he did not take our order because he was collecting money from the previous customer. He asks us to repeat our order. We do so and then he asks us to wait in the park lot for our order. So much for being a drive through! We begin to wait 5 minutes and 10 minutes go by. We work in the area and only had a lunch break between 13:00 and 13:30 and it was already 13:20. After much frustration, I got out of the car and decided to go and see what was happening. Our order was very simple. I got inside the KFC only to find that it is not busy at all and they are serving one customer. I ask the women behind the counter where my order was. She then stated that she had no order and I had to reorder my food. She found my till slip but what I had ordered was incorrect. One the till slip it stated I had ordered only one Coke when I had ordered two. She then wanted to charge me for their error. I refused. I also found out that KFC had charged us for an extra meal that we did not even order. Finally getting our food, we raced back to work. Only to find that they had also left out some of the food from our order. That was it! I could not take it anymore. I was so sick of their bad service. I then phoned KFC Complaints Line and complained. I spoke about the numerous times I had bad service from them. She then said I should phone back the manager and speak to her and see if she can fix the problem. I phoned the manager up and spoke to her explaining the situation. She then said she would refund my meals or give me back my money. I did not accept her offer and I said she has to think of a way she can make it up to me as she messed up my order not only today but numerous times in the past. I waited for her to phone. After 20 minutes I phoned her back, I stated that this was unacceptable and when I come into their store later, I can order whatever I want and they have to pay for it. She agreed and said again she was sorry. I phoned her later to prepare my order. She then still said my order was fine. About 10 minutes later, she phoned me saying she could not place the order. I ignored her call and put down the phone. She then phoned again and told my boyfriend the same thing. He took the call this time because I was driving with him to the KFC. I ordered a big meal and gave her more than enough time to prepare what I wanted. We arrive at the store, asking for our order. She said no. I asked her nicely repeatedly that she must please give me my order. After asking her, I said to her that I was now going to keep complaining that I wanted my order she promised me. She then said she would give me the number of her supervisor but I said that will not fix the problem. I again asked her for the order, she said something in Xhosa and then went to go hide in the kitchen. So I was determined to confront her and speak to her. There was NO SIGN on the door to the kitchen so I walked right in and demanded she give me my order. She made a call and kept on ignoring me when I was in the kitchen. ADT and the police arrived. She said I was trespassing but there was no sign on the door. I explained the situation to the ADT man and I told him that I had asked her nicely for my meal. She came up with a bunch of lies and turned it all on me. The ADT man was taking her side so after 30 minutes at the store, my boyfriend and I left. While we were leaving, I noticed that there were many cars waiting in the park lot for their orders. This had been the same case when we arrived for around lunch time earlier that day. This time one of the workers could not even find the right people in the right car that had placed their order. We were getting nowhere. I phoned the head office again and explained to them what had just happened. I then told her that now she must fix the problem and I did what she said I should do and it did not work. The entire time she explained that they could only refund my money and not give me the complimentary order I wanted. After 30 minutes on the phone, I also just gave up with her. She was very rude and she could not help me at all. The reason being is because “It is a Sunday so she could not contact he manager”. She kept asking for my contact details and I told her already she had my details. She was very unprofessional for a manager of the KFC Complaints line, she was shocking. Do not go eat the KFC in Hout Bay, not only will you have to wait longer than the drive through time for your meal, but your order will probably be wrong or not even be placed. When you speak to the manager (Pamela), she will be very rude to you and will not help you at all.


790Tv would love to hear from KFC Hout Bay or from any other customers who are not happy. Email for comments.

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