Hout Bay Life on bozza.mobi

Cellphone usage to access the internet and online content is massive in South Africa. Due to the high cost of installing and paying for ADSL has meant that many people buy airtime or data bundles when needing to access information online.

Bozza.mobi is a cellphone distribution network, that showcases local arts and culture through spoken word, photos, music and video. Hout Bay Life, which is part of 790Tv, can now be found on the network. The main purpose of Hout Bay Life is to showcase our hyperlocal creative talent. No news or current affairs, just creative inspirational content on your mobile device.

Visit bozza.mobi, download the app and then become a follower of the channel, Hout Bay Life. If you have something creative to show, leave a message and we will make contact.


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