Car guard robs Llandudno house, near Hout Bay,  and gets caught “red-handed”

A house in Llandudno was recently robbed by a car guard who had been “patrolling” the busy car-park down at the beach:

Over time the robber had been watching the house and had noted when the owners were out, and in turn began sawing through a burglar bar. On the day of the crime the guilty party then waited for the family to leave, upon which he enter the house and stole a range of electronic equipment, including an iPad2.

When the owners of the house realised they had been robbed, they proceeded to “ping” the iPad2 and its location was foundĀ  at a fish factory in the Hout Bay harbour. They contacted the police who then checked up on the case and the iPad2 was found in the top draw of a desk in an office of the factory. The office worker told the police he had received it from a man who wanted music loaded onto the device and that the device was for sale.

The police set up a “sting” operation and the perpetrator arrived with a backpack full of all the stolen equipment and then some…

“Please don’t support the car guards down at Llandudno Beach!”


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