The “Battle of Hout Bay” 15th Sept 1795

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The cannons at East Fort were last fired in anger on Sept 15th 1795. Around noon, the 16 gun British Ship Sloop HMS Echo, part of a small flotilla en route from Simons Town to Table Bay under the command of Capt Todd, entered the bay on a reconnaissance mission. The task being  to establish whether or not the Bay was fortified and at the same time alarm the Dutch that a British Naval task force was active on the  Atlantic seaboard. The Echo drew fire from both East and West batteries, and quickly took flight without loss, but she also took with her reliable intelligence about the gun batteries for the British fleet. Admiral Elphinstone’s feeling that Hout Bay could be the “soft underbelly” of Cape Town was proved wrong and Hout Bay’s Gunners stand was probably the last act of defiance by the Dutch prior to the first British occupation.

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