In Sept. 2010 a street battle happened in Hangberg between local residents and various Law Enforcement Agencies. This resulted in some serious injuries to people on both sides.

Since Dec. a  process of Peace and Mediation has been taking place. Great progress has been made in a) establishing a new and universally accepted leadership structure, b) re-establishing trust between residents and City/Province/Sanparks. As a result of this process several major initiatives have been implemented to upgrade and enhance the Socio/Economic environment of Hangberg. These existing upgrade projects have established a stimulus for what could well prove to be a Phoenix like metamorphosis of Hangberg, which in turn could have huge  positive impacts on the greater Hout Bay.

You are invited to attend a feedback meeting on the exciting progress so far to be given by Brian Williams the mediator who has contributed so much to the success of the process to date.

St. Peter’s Church Hall.  Wed. July 6th at 7pm.

Please RSVP to confirm to Jenny at TOBI.

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