Llandudno will have no water!

The City’s Water and Sanitation Department will be commencing with another component of its pipe replacement programme in Llandudno, in order to address the issue of ageing water supply infrastructure in the area.

This will necessitate shutting off the water supply to most of the properties in Llandudno between 09:00 and 17:00 on Thursday 10 March.

As is the case with most projects of this nature, the City uses trenchless technology which requires minimal excavation. This minimizes the inconvenience to residents.

Residents are kindly requested to store water in clean, sealed containers for domestic consumption during this period.

A potable water tanker will be positioned in Llandudno Road, within the parking lot opposite the school, should there be a need for additional drinking water.

All taps should be kept closed for the duration of this shut-off to prevent any water losses, wastage or damage being caused if no one is at home when the water supply is restored.

The City wishes to apologize for the inconvenience caused, but it is imperative that we maintain our water supply infrastructure to ensure that we consistently provide our consumers with a good quality drinking water.

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