Smooth road ahead for Chapman’s Peak Drive

Taken from Raubenheimer

Western Cape Transport MEC Robin Carlisle believes the new contract with Entilini Concessions will ensure the smooth management of Chapman’s Peak Drive for years to come.

He co-signed the amended deal with Entilini’s directors on Tuesday.

Capetonians should expect a new toll plaza on the Hout Bay side of Chapman’s Peak in the near future as a result.

Carlisle said the previous contract was seriously flawed.

“We have renegotiated the contract. It’s changed the whole nature from an adversarial contract to one in which we are both partners – partners not only in responsibility for the pass, but partners also financially,” he said.

Entilini director Enzo Menegaldo said they are excited about the road ahead.

“I know it may sound cliché, but there is a partnership now. We will be working together with the province on a lot of the decisions that will happen on Chapman’s Peak, which is a good thing. I think it can only be a better situation for the pass.”

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