01 Feb 2011

Please help!

Please help!

Dear RAHB Members and Associates

The following request is being forwarded on behalf of Sally Shuttleworth.

There is a 7 year old little boy in at Kronendal Primary School who was
sponsored to go to Valley for the past 3 years and is now in Grade 1 in

He has had the benefit of growing up with a really good family in Kenrock for
most of his life, where his Grandmother has worked as a domestic for the
past 16 years. Unfortunately, this family have now left the country and have
just sold their home in Kenrock. They are therefore unable to continue to
offer these two a home there any longer. They have very generously
purchased a home for his Grandmother in Philippi, but if this little boy goes
with her, then he will be forced into going into a township school, which will
not be able to offer him the standard of education or the opportunities that he
has been given to date.

Fortunately, the family that he has grown up with are completely willing to
continue to cover the full cost of his education to high school, aftercare and
his medical needs. In fact, there is a good chance that he will be able to go
to SACS in Grade 3 as a border, but until then, he needs somewhere safe
and loving to stay in Hout Bay during the week.

This little boy is lovely, polite, energetic, intelligent and very gifted on the
Sports field. He has no emotional problems and is completely healthy. He
speaks English fluently, and has been immersed in a good home
environment his whole life.

Ideally, we would like to find him a “weekday” family in Hout Bay, and then
he could go home to his Grandmother at weekends in Philippi. He needs a
home that can offer him security, love, and a challenge with regards to
learning, reading and writing.

If you would consider giving this little boy a “weekly” home, or know someone
that might be able to, then please call me on 072 111 3310 to discuss it in
further detail.

Many thanks


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